Supplier Engagement

Key to the Success of InvoiceNOW

InvoiceNow, the only vendor portal with an embedded finance module, addresses virtually all needs of corporate buyers, as it digitizes and streamlines the communication with all your suppliers.

Keeping the supplier engaged is a key requirement if the portal is to serve its need.

InvoiceNow keeps the suppliers engaged by offering unparalleled tangible and actionable information:

  • A simple and intuitive user-frontend

  • In-build cashflow monitor, based on reliable data about upcoming payments

  • Embedded finance module to allow early payment-request with a single click

  • Real-time insights in invoice-, PO-, and consignment stock-status

  • Single place for all messaging and file exchange with top buyers

Supplier Onboarding- and Outreach

Teams in local languages

Our Onboarding- and Supplier Outreach Teams (OOT) support the suppliers all the way from onboarding, making use of the provided information and creation of new invoices. 

With a structured process, our OOT engage early with suppliers and keep constantly in touch during the entire lifecycle. The OOT actively reach out via mail, messages, and phone to help suppliers overcome initial challenges, identify problems early and help our product-team to constantly improve the user-experience. With a ratio of two teams per corporate buyer we will onboard up to 10,000 suppliers within 3 months.

Step 1 – Educate
InvoiceNow provides an excellent user-experience and a simple interface. However, often suppliers are not aware of all the features of InvoiceNow and need to be invited to take a tour of the portal to appreciate the possibilities and turn these into tangible benefits for their own business success.

Step 2 – Encourage

Our Outreach-Teams are trained to focus on tangible, immediate benefits for the suppliers. Features such as dynamic discounting or online file-exchange are radically new for many, hence we reach out to encourage users to try it out.

Step 3 – Learn
InvoiceNow wants to continuously improve and become better – we want to understand the supplier experiences and actively learn how to improve.

Step 4 – Measure
Our onboarding & outreach teams (OOT) conduct regular surveys to document our success and monitor improvements.

In 4 steps we engage your suppliers 
Educate. Encourage. Learn. Measure.


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