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Convergence of Tech and Finance

With InvoiceNow, we are converging our 20 years of experience in digitalization and process automation for corporate buyers and our understanding of SME-suppliers’ challenges to access supply chain-financing to ensure sufficient working capital.

The Problem

Today, established Supply Chain Finance techniques such as "approved payables finance” are inaccessible for the vast majority of small suppliers due to lack of trust. In today’s reality, prohibitive (often manual) efforts for corporate buyers and potential financing partners exclude more than 60% of all suppliers from this form of financing.

InvoiceNow automates the entire process using already established processes and existing data, the platform itself becomes the trusted source of truth for all stakeholders.

Smart Contracts

InvoiceNow mimics smart contracts as it auto-executes “approved payable finance-models” based on pre-defined agreements between corporate buyers, SME-suppliers and third-party lenders.

This automation eliminates the marginal costs of invoice financing, and thus unlocks working capital for all SME-suppliers, regardless of the invoice value.

Changing the way business is done

InvoiceNow will change the way payments are done, today and in the future. Trade credit will not be self-financed by the suppliers anymore, but third-party financing partners can now provide such financing.

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