Whether you want to provide third-party liquidity to suppliers using supply chain finance or generate yield with dynamic discounting, our dynamic discounting module automates both completely. You gain in any case.

Dynamic Discounting is a form of supplier financing that puts your surplus cash to better use. Suppliers can take early payment in return for a discount. Your suppliers choose which invoices to accelerate according to their cash flow needs. They can request cash at any time between invoice acknowledgment and scheduled payment. The earlier the payment, the greater the discount.

All requests will be processed 100% automatically. Regardless of whether you or your supply chain financing partner settles the bill, guaranteed no humans in the loop.

Investing cash to secure discounts earns risk-free returns that are much higher than traditional investments. 

Supplier relations are key to a healthy supply chain. By offering liquidity for your suppliers, you directly help to increase their working capital and become their customer of choice.

Dynamic Discounting at a click
100% automatic processing of discounting request, instant invoice payment


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