360º IN SYNC

Invoice & Payment Status

For every invoice you issue, be it in hard-copy, via eMail, or through InvoiceNow, you can track the status. InvoiceNow will show you when an invoice has been received, when it has been acknowledged (“approved”), and when it is paid.

Even better, InvoiceNow will show you the actual expected payment date based on your customer's records, which is crucial to make accurate cashflow-predictions.

Simple Invoice Creation

You can create invoices in the portal in many ways

  • Uploaded invoices will automatically be captured and the data provided to your customers

  • Manually create compliant invoices easily, using existing master data and validations

  • Use existing templates that you have created for your various business cases

  • "Flipping" POs once the Goods Receipt-posting is confirmed

A world in which suppliers are paid instantly

Digitizing the entire procure to pay process, enabling uncomplicated supply chain financing


Never miss an opportunity to offer your services or goods to your customers. All RFQ will be displayed and your response can easily be created out of the portal.


If you provide goods in consignment, InvoiceNow will keep track of the stock and notify you when and which tax invoices you can create.

Message & Files

Your customers communicate to you through the portal, all communication is secure and logged. Also, you can provide all required documentation through the portal, equally secure and reliable.

Purchase Order Status

InvoiceNow monitors the received purchase orders and the subsequent deliveries for you. Once your customers create a Goods Receipt, InvoiceNow will update the information to you and allows you to create invoices simply by “flipping” the PO into an invoice, using the PO-price and the GR-quantity. Nothing is easier, and nothing is faster to ensure timely payment for your goods and services.

Master Data

Any change in your address, your contact- or bank-details can securely be communicated through the portal, and your customers will be informed immediately. With one click you inform one customer, or all, your decide.


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