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A vendor portal is a key component to digitize and streamline all aspects of the supply chain, from RFQ to payments. However, key is the level to which vendors are engaged and use the portal regularly.

InvoiceNow offers vendors a single place to interact with all their corporate buyers, to create and check the status of invoices and purchase orders, RFQ, or consignment stock. But most importantly, it is the place where suppliers can manage their working capital, identify gaps early, and actively improve their cashflow.


Some accounts payable-departments can easily be mistaken as call-centers. Vendors for their own good reasons keep accountants busy answering questions about invoice- and payment-status. InvoiceNow takes care of this – 100%. For all received invoices, regardless whether received as hardcopy, PDF, electronic, or from InvoiceNow.


Once purchase orders are created, the vendor can check their status in InvoiceNow. Upon posting any goods receipt ("GR") in your ERP-system, invoices can easily be created ("flipped") with a single click based on PO-price and GR-quantity, effectively ensuring the “3-way-match” before the invoice is even created. We call this a “Perfect Invoice”.


Accounts payable allows for significant reductions of manual work and costs if your vendors provide “perfect” invoices to you. “Perfect” invoices are accurate, complete, and digital. Invoices created in InvoiceNow are “perfect”.


Your suppliers can check the status of all consignments online and create “perfect” tax-invoices directly from the portal or their own accounting system.


InvoiceNow displays RFQ created in your ERP-system and allows your suppliers to respond specifically, making it easy to compare offers and start the procurement process.


Whether you need to inform all your vendors about deadlines or updated requirements, do it through InvoiceNow. Your messages will never go unnoticed. 

Any required supporting document such as certificates etc. can easily and 100% securely exchanged through the portal. No more searching in mailboxes and delays because of missing documentation.


InvoiceNow documents the engagement of your suppliers, the volume of transactions per business partner, and across your entire organization. Many more relevant metrics which will help you to further streamline your P2P-processes.

Digitization of the entire P2P-process

from RFQ to Payments <with embedded finance>


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